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45+ Best Dairy Free Desserts

I love when you share my recipes!

Easy and delicious dairy free desserts for every occasion! Everything from cakes to puddings to ice cream. Perfect for both kids and adults! 

Eating dairy free doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an indulgent dessert. This huge collection of dairy-free dessert recipes is full of recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and excite your taste buds. 

Collage of photos of dairy free desserts, including vanilla cake, pie, donuts, and cookies. A white hexagon in the center has text that reads, "dairy free desserts".

Plus, there are recipes for all the holidays, no matter if you need Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day, or more! 

All of these recipes are dairy free, lactose free, and casein free. Many of them are also egg free, gluten free, soy free, nut free, and more. Plus, a lot of the recipes are suitable for a vegan diet and because they are dairy free, they are suitable for those with a lactose intolerance. No matter your dietary restrictions, there are recipes and substitutions for each and every recipe. 

Some are newer, some are older, but all of them go through recipe testing over and over again until I think they are perfect. 

Let me know your favorite dairy free desserts! I would love to hear all the recipes you enjoy the most and the stories that go with them. 

Cakes and Cupcakes 

Collage of 6 different cakes and cupcakes including vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and vanilla cupcakes.

Celebrations and special occasions are never complete without a slice of cake! These cakes are of all shapes and sizes. Every dairy-free diet needs a reliable perfect dessert for things like birthday cake, Christmas cake, or just a perfect chocolate cake! I also included some frostings as well because no cake is complete without frosting. 

For more on cakes, make sure to check out the guides on egg free baking, buttermilk substitutes, or gluten free flour guides. 

1 Classic Vanilla Cake

Classic vanilla cake is so good for so many occasions. This version is soft, not too sweet, and full of vanilla! 

A vegan vanilla cake covered in vanilla frosting is on a wood cake stand. Vases of small purple flowers are next to the cake.
Fluffy + Moist Vegan Vanilla Cake
Super easy to mix together, this fluffy and moist vegan vanilla cake is the best ever! Simple ingredients for an outta this world cake.
Check out this recipe

2 Classic Chocolate Sheet Cake

A big sheet cake that is just begging to be made for birthday parties! This chocolate cake is so easy to mix up in one bowl and soft and fluffy after baking. 

A vegan chocolate sheet cake with rainbow sprinkles on top of chocolate frosting is on a piece of parchment paper. Forks and more sprinkles are next to the cake.
Vegan Chocolate Sheet Cake
Fall in love with this easy to mix up in one bowl vegan chocolate sheet cake recipe. Soft, fudgy cake topped with a creamy chocolate buttercream frosting, you won’t believe it’s dairy and egg free!
Check out this recipe

3 Strawberry Shortcake

Crumbly and sweet shortcake that is like a cross between a scone and biscuit, this dairy free strawberry shortcake is perfect for summer. Topped with some dairy free coconut cream, this one is a summer dessert that you can’t miss.

A finished vegan strawberry shortcake on a white plate with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Fresh berries surround the plate.
Easy Vegan Strawberry Shortcake (Gluten Free Option)
Delicious, quick, and easy vegan strawberry shortcake with a gluten free option is a perfect summer dessert recipe! Super allergy friendly recipe that everyone is sure to love!
Check out this recipe

4 Galaxy Swirl Cupcakes

For outta this world cupcakes, these are the stars! Rich chocolate cupcakes topped with a food coloring free dairy free buttercream made to look like galaxies. Sprinkles for stars are the easy final touch.

Close up of a gluten free and vegan chocolate cupcake covered in a swirl of galaxy colored frosting. Tiny white and gold sprinkles are on top of the cupcake. More sprinkles are beside it. More cupcakes are blurred in the background.
Galaxy Cupcakes (gluten free + vegan)
Easy to make gluten free and vegan galaxy cupcakes are filled with a ganache chocolate surprise and topped with dairy free vanilla buttercream. Yum!
Check out this recipe

5 Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Dairy free carrot cupcakes that are filled with spices, lots of carrots, and pineapple! These are some of my family favorite cakes that get requested every year.

A single vegan carrot cake cupcake with frosting on a white platform surrounded baby carrots and more cupcakes blurred in the background. The image is light and bright and colorful.
Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Frosting
The best vegan carrot cake cupcakes with frosting is an amazingly tasty cake to make with simple ingredients and is dairy free, egg free, and nut free!
Check out this recipe

6 Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Mint and chocolate just pair so well together. Tint it green for springtime or leave white and top with crushed peppermints for a festive winter twist.

Close up of a gluten free vegan mint chocolate cupcake covered in green mint frosting with white and gold sprinkles.
Mint Chocolate Cupcakes (gluten free + vegan)
Chocolate mint cupcakes made gluten free + vegan! Soft, moist, bursting with flavor, and crowd-pleasing for any occasion.
Check out this recipe

7 Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This is one of the first recipes posted here on LBA and this recipe has gone to more celebrations, birthday parties, Christmas dinners, and bake sales than any other recipe! It really is a perfect iteration of a chocolate cake.

ultimate gluten free vegan chocolate cake on a white cake stand on the countertop surrounded by ingredients and plates and forks
Gluten Free + Vegan Chocolate Cake
Easy to make gluten free & vegan chocolate cake! Made in one bowl for easy cleaning, this cake is perfect for birthday parties, holidays, and any time you crave rich chocolate cake!
Check out this recipe

8 Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

Just when you thought chocolate cake couldn’t get any better, a delicious raspberry jam filling and raspberry frosting seal the deal on an amazing dessert. 

A chocolate raspberry cake covered in pink frosting on a wood cake stand with a slice of cake being lifted out of the cake.
Chocolate Raspberry Cake (gluten free + vegan)
Ultimate gluten free, dairy free, + egg free chocolate raspberry cake is so amazingly delicious! Rich chocolate sponge with raspberry frosting. Easy to make and enjoy.
Check out this recipe

9 Apple Cake

This cake is one of the best ways to celebrate fall. Filled with warm spices and dusted with powdered sugar, this egg free and dairy free cake is stuffed with apples and easy to make.

overview of a sliced apple cake cut into triangles and dusted with powdered sugar on brown parchment paper.
Vegan Apple Cake
This easy vegan apple cake is the perfect way to celebrate fall. Filled with crisp apples and warm spices, it’s easy to mix together. Casual or fancy, this apple cake is perfect.
Check out this recipe

10 S’mores Cupcakes

For a fun twist on s’mores, these cupcakes are delicious! A graham cracker base, my favorite chocolate cake, and cool marshmallow frosting all combine into one standout dessert.

unwrapped s'mores cupcake in a scene with more cupcakes and marshmallows and chocolate
S’mores Cupcakes
These s’mores cupcakes are delicious! Moist chocolate cupcakes with a graham cracker base, cool marshmallow frosting, & more on top! All gluten free + vegan. 
Check out this recipe

11 Hostess Cupcakes

Filled with nostalgia, these hostess cupcakes are even better than the ones you remember from childhood. Easy to make chocolate cupcakes, rich chocolate ganache, and a little marshmallow filling all combine into a lunchbox favorite.

gluten free and vegan hostess cupcakes copycat recipe are seen on the countertop on various wooden platforms surrounded by ingredients like chocolate and milk
Gluten Free & Vegan Hostess Cupcakes
Fluffy and delicious, these Hostess Cupcakes are so easy to make and even better than you remember! Perfect for snack time or dessert, they are gluten free, vegan, and top 9 free!
Check out this recipe

12 Perfect Brownies

Thick, chewy, and the perfect balance between chewy, fudgy brownies and cake like brownies.

egg free brownies in pan with a middle brownie on it's side to see the thick and chewy insides
Homemade Brownies without Eggs (vegan)
Thick and fudgy brownies without eggs! So delicious and easy to make in one bowl. Have brownies anytime with this eggless brownie recipe.
Check out this recipe

13 Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

This is the perfect recipe to complete cakes! Using your favorite vegan butter, a touch of dairy free milk (almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, etc) and some sugar and 2 kinds of chocolate you can make the most unreal chocolate frosting ever! 

close up of a swirl of chocolate frosting on a chocolate cupcake in front of a black background so it looks like the frosting is in the spotlight
Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
Rich with 2 kinds of chocolate, this is the BEST chocolate buttercream frosting ever. Make it dairy free. Make it vegan. No matter how you make it, it is divine.
Check out this recipe

14 Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

I love a good layer of vanilla buttercream frosting on top of my recipes. A good vanilla extract is essential for this recipe as it is the main flavor and I share some of my favorites in the recipe.

extreme close up of a vanilla cupcake topped with a swirl of vegan vanilla buttercream frosting
Vegan Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
Light & fluffy vegan vanilla buttercream frosting that is so easy to make! Perfect for frosting cakes, cupcakes, and more. Gluten free, vegan, top 14 allergen free!
Check out this recipe


For a sweet treat, these candy recipes are great no bake desserts or require just a minimal amount of cooking to get just right. Great for around Halloween for some dairy-free recipes.

15 Sunbutter Cups

These two-bite sunbutter cups are similar to other peanut butter cups, but only without the dairy and without the nuts! I like to eat them after chilling in the fridge.

a stack of sunbutter cups are shown on brown parchment paper with mini chocolate chips scattered around the scene
3 Ingredient Sunbutter Cups
Easy to make these homemade 3 ingredient sunbutter cups are so yummy! Nut free + peanut free, these are allergy safe. Delicious, vegan, and top 14 allergy free.
Check out this recipe

16 Dairy Free Fudge

Made with simple ingredients from the grocery store, this fudge recipe is just as thick and delicious as the ones filled with dairy, but this one won’t give you a tummy ache.

stacks of dairy free fudge cut into cubes on a dark serving tray. fresh cocoa powder surrounds the fudge.
Easy Vegan Chocolate fudge
This easy vegan chocolate fudge recipe is so rich and decadent that it will satisfy every chocolate lovers sweet tooth! Made with simple ingredients in 10 minutes. You’ll love it!
Check out this recipe

17 Christmas Fudge

How can you make fudge even better? Adding crushed peppermint to it! The combo of chocolate and mint is not only a classic flavor profile, it is one that you can’t stop nibbling on. This is a family favorite recipe of mine!

a round tin is full of chocolate Christmas fudge covered in crushed candy canes. more fudge pieces surround the tin. extra candy canes, ribbons, and an ornament are scattered around the table.
Easy Christmas Fudge
Easy Christmas fudge recipe with simple ingredients and no candy thermometer required! Super rich & delicious.
Check out this recipe


Collage of 6 images of different cookies including spritz, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and gingerbread.

If you thought you’d have a hard time to bake cookies without milk, I’m happy to change your mind! These cookies are made with delicious dairy free ingredients and a lot of vegan options, including things like flax eggs.

18 Chocolate Chip Cookies

The most quintessential of all cookies, these chocolate chip cookies are not only dairy free, they are egg free, soy free, nut free, and more! The perfect cookie to make for those with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Includes allergy substitutions and variations so everyone can enjoy.

a pile of gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies up close
The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies
Free of the top 8 food allergies, these chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. A perfect cookie that everyone can enjoy. No gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nuts.
Check out this recipe

19 Sunbutter Cookies

If you are allergic to dairy and avoiding peanut butter, these cookies are for you! Made with sun butter, they are thick and chewy and just downright delicious.

a stack of sun butter cookies is stacked with one leaning against them on parchment paper on the kitchen countertop with a glass of milk in the background
Chewy Sun Butter Cookies (gluten free + vegan)
These chewy sun butter cookies have a tender and softer center with a chewy crisp exterior, and they are packed full of flavor. Plus, they are peanut free, gluten free, and easily made vegan.
Check out this recipe

20 Snickerdoodles

Filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice, these dairy free snickerdoodle cookies are soft, pillowly, and melt in your mouth good.

looking down on rows of vegan snickerdoodle cookies covered in cinnamon sugar on white parchment paper.
Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies
Soft and fluffy vegan snickerdoodles are full of cinnamon and sugar. Thick and chewy, this recipe is quick to make and no chill time required.
Check out this recipe

21 No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A great little snack for after school or work, these no bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites are filled with dairy free chocolate chips and wholesome oats.

A square cropped image of multiple no bake chocolate chip cookie dough balls on a beige plate on a wood table in the kitchen. A towel and glass jar are blurred in the background. More mini chocolate chips are scattered around.
No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites
Easy no bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites made without eggs, dairy, or nuts! This quick sweet treat made in 1 bowl in 10 minutes. Yum!
Check out this recipe

22 Vegan Vanilla Spritz Cookies

A Christmas classic cookie, these dairy free spritz are super quick to make and sprinkle for holiday parties.

close up of rows of vegan vanilla spritz cookies with green sprinkles on a wood tabletop
Vegan Vanilla Spritz Cookies
Delicious classic holiday cookies! Easy vegan spritz cookies are light and buttery. The perfect treat for a cookie exchange or holiday party.
Check out this recipe

23 Vegan Chocolate Spritz Cookies

A chocolate twist on a classic cookie recipe.

rows of vegan chocolate spritz on a white background
Vegan Chocolate Spritz Cookies
Classic holiday cookies! Easy vegan chocolate spritz cookies are the perfect dessert for pop in your mouth deliciousness.
Check out this recipe

24 Chewy Ginger Cookies

Thin but chewy, these vegan ginger molasses cookies are filled with warm spices and just everything you love about the holiday season. I’ve made these for years now and they are one of the first cookies to be devoured! 

stack of many vegan ginger cookies on a dark blue plate with sugar sprinkled around and a glass of milk blurred in the background.
Chewy Vegan Ginger Cookies
Filled with ginger and cinnamon, these vegan ginger cookies are perfect any time of year! Easy to make with simple ingredients, you’ll love them.
Check out this recipe

25 Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

Make a whole family of these vegan gingerbread cookies! The dough is easy to work with for cut out cookies. Includes a simple icing recipe to decorate your gingerbread men, women, trees, snowflakes, and more. 

looking at a pile of frosted and unfrosted vegan gingerbread cookies in various shapes like men, trees, and stars. a few sprinkles can be seen. there is white frosting on some of the cookies.
Vegan Gingerbread Cookies
These perfect vegan gingerbread cookies are the warmth of the holiday season in a cookie! Soft, chewy insides and sturdy enough to decorate. Easy recipe you’ll love.
Check out this recipe

26 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

All the delicious flavors of chocolate chip cookies in an easy to make chocolate chip cookie bar. Perfect for packing into lunch boxes!

Up close look at sliced chocolate chip bar cookies with the middle slice on a angle.
Vegan Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies
These vegan chocolate chip bar cookies are soft, thick, chewy, and way easier to make than cookies! Dairy free, egg free, totally easy recipe.
Check out this recipe

Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls

The best part of waking up might be coffee, but it’s followed closely by donuts and cinnamon rolls!

27 S’mores Donuts

Everything you love about this classic summertime sweet rolled into a donut! Made with baked chocolate donuts, topped with marshmallow frosting and drizzled with chocolate ganache.

Close up of a s'mores donut on parchment paper with marshmallows and sprinkles surrounding. More donuts are blurred in the background.
S’mores Donuts (gluten free and vegan recipe)
Classic s’mores on a donut! This version is gluten free and vegan making this a perfect dessert any time of the year.
Check out this recipe

28 Pumpkin Donuts

Delicious and sweet pumpkin donuts are perfect for breakfast or a dessert! Filled with pumpkin and lots of spices like cinnamon and cloves.

looking at rows of pumpkin donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. a bit of white parchment paper can be seen.
Vegan Pumpkin Donuts
Vegan pumpkin donuts have a light and delicate texture and are packed full of cinnamon spices! Super easy to make and dairy free and egg free.
Check out this recipe

29 Vanilla Donuts with Sprinkles

Classic vanilla donuts made without the dairy! Includes a sweet vanilla frosting and links to dairy free sprinkles.

overview of 9 egg free vanilla donuts with sprinkles
Easy Egg Free Donuts (vegan)
Easy and delicious homemade egg free donut recipe! Made with simple ingredients from your pantry, you can have healthy donuts in 30 minutes.
Check out this recipe

30 Classic Chocolate Donuts

Simple and classic chocolate donuts made without the dairy! Includes a dark chocolate ganache frosting. Any chocolate lover will love these!

Two gluten free vegan chocolate donuts next to each other on a white background. One donut has a bite taken out of it. Some of the donuts are topped with sprinkles.
Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Donut
Gluten free and vegan chocolate donuts that are yummy,fluffy, and baked! Simply sweet and made in only one bowl, you can have a healthy treat in no time.
Check out this recipe

31 Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Classic vegan cinnamon rolls! These are the sweet treats that every brunch table needs.

looking at the top of many vegan cinnamon rolls in a baking dish covered with white icing.
Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Icing
Amazing soft and fluffy vegan cinnamon rolls with a simple icing are so good you’ll love them! Made with pantry staples & easy to make. Full of sweet cinnamon.
Check out this recipe

32 Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

The perfect way to celebrate fall and winter at breakfast time! Soft and pillowy cinnamon rolls are spiced with pumpkin and cinnamon to make a warm and spicy treat.

looking down on 8 pumpkin cinnamon rolls with icing on top. small pumpkins and cinnamon sticks are next to the baking dish.
Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
Sweet and spiced vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls with an easy vegan cream cheese frosting!
Check out this recipe

Dairy Free Drinks

​Seasonal beverages make everything better.

33 Pumpkin Spice Latte

Make your own Starbucks copycat recipe at home and without the dairy! Filled with real pumpkin and sweetened with your choice of sugar or maple syrup plus lots of spices!

a glass mug filled with pumpkin spice latte with lots of coconut whip cream on top and is sprinkled with cinnamon. it is in front of mini pumpkins and cinnamon sticks blurred in front of a dark background.
Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Latte
How to make the best vegan pumpkin spice latte at home with 6 simple ingredients. Easy to make and ready in 5 minutes.
Check out this recipe

34 Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate that is so simple to make but tastes 10x better than anything out of a box. This recipe is quick and comes together in only 5 minutes.

dairy free hot chocolate in a glass mug with many marshmallows on top
Dairy Free Hot Chocolate
A dairy free, vegan hot chocolate that tastes even better than the original! Ready in only 5 minutes. Single serving for anytime.
Check out this recipe

Homemade Ice Cream

I love ice cream and these are some of the best dairy-free ice creams around! Plus, no ice cream maker is required for any of them.

35 Chocolate Nice Cream

This isn’t your normal nice cream recipe, it’s the ultimate! Made with a base of frozen bananas and cocoa powder, the indulgence is amped up with the addition of coconut whipped cream. This is one you totally don’t want to miss.

A close up of a glass bowl filled with scoops of chocolate nice cream.
Ultimate Chocolate Nice Cream
This is the ultimate chocolate banana nice cream! Made with bananas, this is a delicious and healthy treat that everyone will love. Vegan + nut free recipe.
Check out this recipe

36 S’mores Nice Cream

Based on my nice cream recipe, but this time with a s’mores twist!

A glass bowl filled with scoops of chocolate s'mores nice cream. More bowls and ice cream cones are blurred in the background.
S’mores Nice Cream
The ultimate s’mores nice cream! This vegan and dairy free chocolate ice cream is filled with chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows. Vegan + nut free recipe!
Check out this recipe

37 Strawberry Shortcake Bars

Everything you love about the strawberry shortcake bars, but in a dairy free and lactose free form! Freeze dried strawberries make this dessert surprisingly easy to mix up. The hardest part about this recipe is waiting for them to chill.

Many dairy free strawberry shortcake ice cream bars on a bright pink background.
Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars (vegan + nut free)
Enjoy these easy to make strawberry shortcake ice cream bars! Simple ingredients to make a classic summertime treat. Dairy, gluten, and nut free!
Check out this recipe

38 Coffee Popsicles

Enjoy a cold brew coffee in a popsicle! Filled with real cold brew, these quick and easy popsicles are a delicious treat.

Closeup of 5 coffee popsicles on a long white serving tray filled with roasted coffee beans.
Iced Coffee Popsicles with Dairy Free Milk
This iced coffee popsicle recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee on a hot summer day! Made with dairy free milk and only 4 ingredients. Yum!
Check out this recipe

Pies and Puddings

Collage of 6 photos of different pies and puddings including apple pie, pumpkin pie, and chocolate pudding.

Making a creamy texture for your pies and puddings is so simple. With pies and puddings, there is a dessert for every occasion.

39 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pies are normally loaded with dairy products, but not this pie! It’s loaded with lots of pumpkin, lots of spice, and turns out creamy and delicious every time!

up close dairy free pumpkin pie with lots of pie crust cookies on top. pie is on top of a teal napkin and cinnamon sticks on the side.
Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie
The best gluten free dairy free pumpkin pie! Sweetened with sweet condensed coconut milk and loads of warm spices, this pumpkin pie is perfect for the holidays.
Check out this recipe

40 Blueberry Pie with Frozen Blueberries

Super easy blueberry pie filling that you make on the stove before baking into a pie! This extra step ensures that you have a perfect fruit filled pie every time.

Overview of a blueberry pie made with frozen blueberries with a lattice crust resting on a blue and white towel on a wood table.
Blueberry Pie Filling with Frozen Blueberries
This blueberry pie with frozen blueberries, lemon zest, and simple sugared pie crust is a delightfully easy dessert that is downright delicious! Dairy, egg, gluten free options!
Check out this recipe

41 Apple Pie with Crumb Topping

A totally classic Dutch Apple Pie with crumb topping is the perfect pie for just about anything! Totally gluten free, nut free, and vegan recipe.

apple pie after baking on the wood tabletop with apples
Gluten Free Vegan Apple Pie
This gluten free and vegan apple pie is loaded with flavor! So easy to make from scratch. Flakey crust with spiced apples and topped with a cinnamon crumble. Perfect for anytime of the year!
Check out this recipe

42 Peach Pie with Canned Peaches

Make a peach pie anytime of the year with this peach pie filling with canned peaches!

peach pie with a lattice crust is shown on a wood table with fresh peaches and herbs surrounding it
Peach Pie Filling with Canned Peaches
How to make the best peach pie filling with canned peaches! Soft and delicious filling made with cans of peaches means you can enjoy peach pie anytime.
Check out this recipe

43 Chocolate Pudding Pie

Rich, smooth, and one of those desserts that you just can’t stop at one bite! Try to get chocolate that has a cocoa of less than 64% for the smoothest texture.

A vegan chocolate pie with whipped coconut cream in a graham cracker crust in a glass pie pan on a wood tabletop. Silverware is seen peaking in on the edges along with a teal towel.
Vegan Chocolate Pie (no tofu!)
Magically rich and creamy vegan chocolate pie! Easy to make, this no-bake dessert will have everyone happy. No tofu required!
Check out this recipe

44 Vanilla Pudding

Made with just 5 ingredients, this is a yummy dairy free, egg free, gluten free, and nut free dessert. Keep it simple with vanilla or try one of the many variations listed in the recipe to always keep it interesting.

3 glass cups filled with vegan vanilla pudding. Each has a small gold spoon in the pudding cup. Bottles of vanilla are blurred in the background.
Vegan Vanilla Pudding
This vegan vanilla pudding is a simple recipe that’s quick to make with only 5 ingredients. The perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth. Kid approved!
Check out this recipe

45 Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate pudding is made on the stovetop with super simple ingredients, making it a decadent dessert you can mix up anytime!

A glass bowl filled with vegan chocolate pudding with a tiny dollop of coconut cream on top. A gold spoon and chocolate shavings are next to it. Blurred bowls filled with pudding are in the background.
Vegan Chocolate Pudding
Rich and creamy vegan chocolate pudding that is dairy free, egg free, and totally delicious! This pudding is a sweet treat that's so easy to make and has a deep chocolate flavor that everyone will love.
Check out this recipe


Finally, the sauce to top it all off!

46 Dairy Free Caramel Sauce

Who knew that 3 ingredients could make the most amazing dairy free caramel sauce ever?! Seriously, you need to make this to drizzle over top of everything from ice cream to apple pie or dipping apple slices into.

easy dairy free caramel sauce being poured into a small glass jar with a yellow towel behind it
3 Ingredient Magic Caramel Sauce (nut + dairy free)
3 simple ingredients form a magic caramel sauce that is nut free and dairy free! Top 8 allergy friendly, this sauce tastes just like caramel but with no sugar.
Check out this recipe

47 Dairy Free Chocolate Sauce

5 ingredients mixed together to make this easy, quick, and delicious chocolate sauce! No cooking required, just mix and pour away.

mason jar filled with vegan chocolate sauce with a spoon pouring more into the jar. a vase of flowers is blurred in the background
Easy Vegan Chocolate Sauce
Rich easy vegan chocolate sauce that is downright decadent! You’ll love this easy to make chocolate sauce that is dairy free. Only 5 simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes.
Check out this recipe

48 Blueberry Sauce

Need a quick topping for pancakes that is different from maple syrup? You’ve got to try out this blueberry sauce! Pour over pancakes, ice cream, or top a dairy free cheesecake.

homemade blueberry sauce in a glass pitcher with fresh blueberries and a stack of pancakes blurred in the background.
Easy Frozen Blueberry Sauce
Easy blueberry sauce recipe using fresh or frozen berries. Perfect topping for pancakes, cheesecakes, ice cream, and more!
Check out this recipe

If you try these out, please leave a comment below! This provides helpful feedback to both me and other readers. And if you want more delicious, dietary friendly recipes you can subscribe to my newsletter and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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