Living allergy free can be difficult but these products help make life a little easier.

As someone with allergies, I know all too well how challenging it can be to find safe and reliable products. Over the years, I’ve curated this list of all my favorite allergy friendly must-have items! These products range from bath and body care, pantry and kitchen essentials, and even some of my favorite cook books. So, dive in, explore, and discover some new favorites of your own!

My Favorite Things

A bottle of Penn's Hill olive oil soap on a white background.

Unscented Olive Oil Liquid Soap

If there is one thing that is a must-have essential, it is this soap! I use this soap for everything. It can wash hands, the body, be used as shampoo, used as the base for dish soap, and as the base for an all around cleaner. There isn’t much this bottle of soap can’t do! And it is totally top 14 free without coconut or palm oils.

A bottle of Clean Kids banana hair conditioner on a white background.

Clean Kids Hair Conditioner

A super clean, all natural hair conditioner that leaves hair feeling silky and smooth. It’s filled with helpful ingredients like aloe and shea butter to gently conditioner the hair. Free from: Gluten | Sulfates | Parabens | Phthalates | Fluoride/Glycol | Lanolin | Petrolatum | Mineral Oils |  Artificial Colors

A jar of chocolate protein powder on a white background.

Organic Chocolate Protein Powder

Making sure that you get enough nutrition when dealing with allergies, and sometimes picky eaters, can be a challenge. This organic chocolate protein powder is made from pumpkin seeds and mixes so well into beverages, smoothies, and even baked goods!