Hello there! Welcome to Living Beyond Allergies.

Living Beyond Allergies was created to be a real world resource for you as you navigate life with allergies.

Living with allergies can be difficult when it comes to food and home products. That’s why Living Beyond Allergies was created. This site provides informative articles on allergy research, delicious recipes for everyone to try, and DIYs that are hypoallergenic so you can make safe beauty and household products.

The best part of Living Beyond Allergies is the community of people who are all working towards the same goal of living beyond their allergies. Whether you need advice, support, or just a friendly ear, Living Beyond Allergies is the perfect place for you!

If this is your first time here, I know that all this info can be overwhelming. This page was created to share the very best of our resources to get you started.

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Meet Laura

Hello there! I’m Laura, your enthusiastic guide to all things allergies here on LBA. I grew up with severe asthma, severe food and environmental allergies, and learned how to navigate a world filled with allergens. I began Living Beyond Allergies in 2019 with the hope that we can inspire you to get creative and feel good about what you’re eating and how to safely care for yourself.

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