Do you find yourself suddenly having food allergies and having no idea what to cook anymore?


Maybe your kid was just diagnosed with some allergies and now dinner time is a disaster zone.


Or maybe you have had allergies all your life and are sick and tired of chicken, rice, and frozen veggies.


Hey there, I’m Laura and I have over 70 food allergies so I totally know the feeling of staring into my fridge and wondering “what the heck can I even eat?”


Whether you’re learning to cook for the first time or are already a confident chef, let’s cook together, experimenting with classic recipes and transforming them into safe and delicious meals.



Follow along to learn how to swap out common food allergens, make almost any meal safe to eat, and how to have fun in the kitchen.


Around here, we have a few core values that weave themselves through everything that we do:


– We believe that good food is worth sharing. That’s why so many of our recipes are free and not stuck behind a pay wall. Having allergies is difficult enough as it is.

– We believe that good food should be simple and nutritious. If I have to order an esoteric ingredient for a cake I want to make tonight, what’s the point?

– We believe in YOU. When it seems like the whole world is against you, no one understands what the heck cross contamination is, or what an airborne trigger can be, we believe in you.


So, let’s pick up those spatulas, turn on our toaster ovens, and make some food that is both safe and delicious.


To make a long story short: you are not alone on this journey and I’m here to help you become the allergy and asthma rockstar chef that you are.


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How did this become my life?


Howdy! I’m Laura Schneider, and it’s my mission to help those with food allergies and asthma live their best lives both on and off the dinner plate.



Food in one form or another has always been the center of my life. For most people, they love food and love to eat. But for me it’s slightly different.


In 2016 I was just graduating with my MBA. I had a dream job in the music industry, living in the most perfect apartment with a view of the mountains just outside of Los Angeles, and was the sickest I had ever been in my life.


Weekly, I was running to the hospital or urgent care because I had been triggered again at school or work and my asthma and allergy attacks were so severe, I needed medical intervention.


Something needed to change.


I packed up my life and moved back home to a small town in Michigan to heal.


Now, I grew up with allergies and asthma, so this was nothing new to me. At age two I was officially diagnosed, and the doctors had never seen someone react so strongly to almost everything they tested me for. The doctor told my parents it would be easier for me to live on Mars where there would be fewer allergies.


My whole life I was used to navigating the world of food ingredients, learning to make substitutions in family recipes so that I could safely enjoy them.


But this time, things were different. And after a year of testing and tracking, I was able to discover the source of my latest issues: I had developed 11 new allergies.


This meant a major overhaul to my diet (again). It also meant that I had to remove allergens from more than my diet. Things like cleaning products, make up, soaps and shampoos, laundry detergent, perfumes, and every aspect of my life needed to be changed so I could get back to a non-reactive state and begin to heal.



So, I did what I always do: I picked up my apron and began to cook and to bake.  And discover what the heck xanthan gum was and how it helps make gluten free baking work. And how reducing rice milk on the stove turns it into a rich and creamy swap for evaporated cow’s milk.


I stood in my kitchen till my calves ached as I experimented with food and soap DIYs and more.


Now, I get to share this with you. Maybe you have had allergies all your life. Maybe your child has just been diagnosed. I see you and I know how hard it is because I’ve lived it. I still live it.


Crazy, right?


And now, I want to help you, too.


What is Living Beyond Allergies?


Here you will find allergy friendly recipes made with fresh and simple ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store. No one should be deprived because of an esoteric ingredient that is hard to find. 



We also write about personal well being with allergies and asthma, talk about the latest research, and share in the community of other people who are living similar lives as you.


Because allergies go beyond the plate, we also talk about skincare, how to make safe home care products, traveling with allergies, and so much more.


No matter where you are in your health journey we are here to support you and share some of our most delicious recipes. 


Ready to get started? Let’s begin by downloading a free cookbook of 30 cookie recipes that are free of the top 14 allergens! 


The LBA Team


Laura (who you just met!)

Founder, Recipe Developer, Photographer



Researcher, Editor, Recipe Developer, and Laura’s Mom


As the main researcher and editor for Living Beyond Allergies, Michelle helps fellow moms of kids with chronic illness learn the ins and outs of daily living through nutrition and maintenance of medications, all while teaching kids to be self-reliant. With a background in Psychology from MSU, she brings her wealth of knowledge on both the physical and emotional components of allergies and asthma to the blog. Michelle fully admits that she might not be the best cook, however, she can bake a batch of cookies that will knock your socks off. In her time away from the blog, Michelle volunteers at a therapy riding center and reads as much non-fiction as she can.


Recipe Taste Testers 


A huge thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes helping us develop these recipes! I know it’s hard work to eat cookies and cupcakes but we at LBA appreciate all you do! 


Current Volunteers:

Karl, Nicole, Lisa, Joe, Kate, Alex 


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