Fresh Greek  Lentil Salad

Super Easy + Quick!

Protein packed lemony Greek Lentil Salad! Fresh veggies and lentils are combined in a lemony Dijon dressing for a super easy salad that is perfect for healthy lunch or dinner. Dairy Free recipe.

What You'll Need

Step One

In a small bowl, combine the lemon juice, dijon mustard, and honey (or maple syrup). Add in the spices and salt to taste. Whisk together to combine and set it aside.

Step Two

Next up, prep and chop all the veggies. Add them to a large bowl. Then add the cooked and cooled lentils. Finally, pour the dressing over top and mix well.

Why You'll Love this Salad:

Quick and easy to make

Super healthy 

Gluten free + Vegan 

Perfect side dish 

Super Allergy Friendly!