How to Bake without Gluten!

The ultimate guide on gluten free baking. Includes tips, tricks, and tested recipes. Learn how to easily & deliciously make gluten free food.

Gluten is the protein structure in things like wheat, rye, and barley that give it strength, stretch, and support. Some people are allergic to wheat, intolerant of gluten, or have celiac disease and can’t digest gluten at all.

Gluten can hide in the following ingredients. Be careful!!  – Baking Powder – Confectioner’s Sugar – Vanilla Extract – Other starch based thickeners

Here are my top tips for baking without gluten: 1. Use a good gf flour  2. Let the dough chill for at least an hour before you bake something 3. Add 1-2 tbsp extra moisture to keep it soft

You don't have to miss out! Baking gluten free means you can still enjoy things like ...



And so much more!

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