Gluten Free  Pie Crust - Easy!

no fail recipe

An easy and no fail gluten free pie crust perfect for sweet and savory pies. Easy to find ingredients and no chilling required.

What You'll Need

Mix butter + flour

Mix the butter and gluten free flour together until you get a crumbly texture.

Add the wet ingredients

Carefully, add the wet ingredients till a rough dough forms.

Roll Out

Roll out your dough right away onto parchment paper. Then, flip the parchment into the pie pan for an easy transfer.

Crimp the Edges

Using your hands, gently crimp the sides together to make the edge of the pie.

Fill with your pie

Add in your filling and bake! It's that easy to make a gluten free pie crust. And it tastes great!

Full instructions with step by step guide at the link!