Come shopping with me! Here are a lot of my favorite products to use, everything from kitchen essentials to allergy safe soaps and lotions. This is a selection of curated products for you to use safely in your home and in your life. Enjoy!

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Bath and Body Care

All of these products are free from coconut! Many of them are top 14 free as well. Just because we have allergies doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy nice smelling products that work just as well! I’ve been using some of these products for years and they are forever going to be in my bath and body care routine.

This shampoo is coconut free – one of the few out there! Plus, it smells really good.

A conditioner that is also coconut free! It also smells great and works well with the shampoo.

Use this vitamin e oil in your homemade moisturizer, or mixed in with your hair conditioner.

This bar can be used for washing your face, body, hair, hands, even your dishes!

This olive oil based soap does it all! From washing hands and hair, to washing dishes and floors. Seriously, this is my go-to soap for everything.

Want to gently use a clay mask on your hair, face, or body? This red clay is perfect for sensitive skin. I love to use it a few times a month.

Baby Care Essentials

Finding allergy friendly products for baby care can be a challenge. Here are some of my favorite products that are safe and gentle for the little ones.

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This HiPP baby formula is especially made to be as hypoallergenic as possible and safe to feed even the youngest of babies.

100% pure oats make for an excellent porridge for kids aged 5 months and up. I love that this is gluten free, dairy free, egg free, with vitamin B1 and no added sugars.

This HiPP Goat Milk formula is 100% cow’s milk free, making it an excellent choice for those looking to avoid dairy.

This Badger Diaper Cream is made with 5 simple ingredients and is corn and coconut free.

A totally coconut free Nipple Cream! This organic nipple cream is lanolin free, petroleum free, with no preservatives and no fragrances. Totally safe for you and baby.

These fruit pouches are totally dairy free! Made with coconut milk, peaches, bananas, and passion fruit these are easy on-the-go snacks kids 6 months and up can enjoy.

Pantry Essentials

Cooking and baking with food allergies is a little different than traditional cooking and baking. One of my best tips is to have separate items that are only used on food allergy free foods. This is especially helpful in kitchens that are working with multiple and different allergies. But beyond that, sometimes we just want something fun in the kitchen! Here are my favorites.

King Arthur makes my personal favorite gluten free flour. All the gluten free recipes on my site are made from it!

Corn free baking powder makes all your recipes safer. Made with potatoes in place of cornstarch, it works great.

Singing Dog Vanilla is corn free and free of the top 14 allergens! It’s even made on a dedicated line. Plus, it smells good.

This corn free Powdered Sugar is made from tapioca. Now your cakes and cookies can be made with frosting again!

Dye free sprinkles for everything! Gluten free, coconut free, dye free.

This baking cocoa powder will take your chocolate recipes to the next level! Everything from hot cocoa to cakes will taste amazing.

This sweet condensed coconut milk is amazing in dairy free baked goods and essential for things like fudge!

This chocolate protein powder is free of the top 14 allergies and is made with pumpkin seeds! A great and tasty protein source that’s perfect for baking or enjoying in a glass.

This vanilla protein powder is soy based but is gluten free, non-GMO, and sugar free! The vanilla taste is great, making it a good choice for enjoying in a glass of soy milk or in baking.

Kitchen Essentials

These are some general baking and kitchen supplies to not only start out a kitchen from scratch, but provide some ideas for even an experienced baker.

One of my most used kitchen items! This hand mixer comes in so many colors but I love the blue.

Nothing fancy but these flour storage jars are essential, especially for gluten free baking. Keep flours fresher for longer!

Glass bowls are some of the best for reducing allergy cross contamination in the kitchen.

I am a huge fan of these baking sheets! They don’t warp and they have nice handles.

This unbleached parchment paper is perfect for baking. I use it every time.

Here is my favorite donut pan for baked donuts! I’ve never had a problem with them sticking in the pan.

Home Essentials

Over the years, I’ve gotten to try so many different items like cleaning supplies, air filters, and organization tools. These are my current favorites.

One of the best things to have in your home is an air filter! The Koios is small but mighty. I have 3 in my house!

This laundry soap gets your clothes clean without any of the top 14 allergens! I use white vinegar as a fabric softener as well.

This soap can also wash dishes! Pour a tablespoon into a cup of distilled water and you’ll have clean dishes all week long.

A super cute sign to place in the kitchen to help with converting recipes.

Clean burning beeswax candles. No soy, no coconut, lead free wicks, and plastic base (nickel free). I love to use beeswax candles and they don’t bother my allergies or asthma.

All my handmade soaps, shampoos, and face oils end up in these plastic (shower safe) bottles. I love how they look.

Favorite Cookbooks

These are hands down some of my favorite cookbooks!

For dairy free, egg free, and vegan cooking, this book is always my go-to. My first edition copy is covered in flours, scribbled in with notes, and a beloved treasure.

I love how this book teaches you WHY things work in baking they way they do. Understanding the basics helps you to better change them for your allergy free needs.

The best gluten free cookbook for understanding how to make gluten free baking.

If you love Korean food, you need this book! Filled with dairy free, egg free, and a lot of gluten free options. Not a lot of recipes with coconut or nuts.

These are amazing gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free recipes in here! This cookbook does use a lot of coconut and nut based ingredients.

This cookbook contains some of the total best gluten free recipes around.

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