Hypoallergenic Laundry Routine

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The best guide for hypoallergenic laundry care. Learn what soaps, fabric softeners, stain removers, and more are safe to use with allergies, eczema, or sensitive skin. 

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When you have allergies, it is so important to not only avoid allergies in your food but also beyond your plate. Things like the soaps you use on your body, your skincare routine, shampoo, and laundry all play a vital role in your health. 

This article walks you through everything you need to make sure your laundry routine is the best it can be! Everything from the best soaps, fabric softeners, stain removers, and more are covered. 

Remember, these are my recommendations based on my knowledge at the time of writing. Before using any soap, make sure to test it so that it is safe for you and your family.

Best Laundry Soap

Walking down the soap aisle can be overwhelming, and not just because of how powerful the smells are! Here are some of my favorite hypoallergenic laundry soaps.

Molly’s Suds – Best All Around Allergy Free Laundry Soap

This soap is fantastic. You can purchase them in unscented (like I do) or with a few different scent options like peppermint or citrus. They are totally coconut free, peanut free, and vegan. Plus, they are safe for septic systems and grey water safe.

Grandma’s Laundry Soap ( top 14 free, coconut free!)

This soap is perfect for those with multiple allergies and/or sensitive skin issues. There are no chemicals, dyes, or fragrances to irritate the skin. Plus, it is coconut free which is pretty amazing! Safe for baby, kid, teen, and adult clothing.

Dan Soap (contains coconut) 

With only 3 ingredients, you can’t get much cleaner (ha!) than this soap. Safe for baby, kid, teen, and adult clothing. I recommend that you stick with the unscented soap so as to not irritate allergies. It does contain coconut so if you are allergic, you need to avoid this soap.

Best Fabric Softeners 

Fabric softeners are used to help keep your clothes softer for longer. They also help to keep your clothes wrinkle free! Many of them coat the fibers so that they don’t rub together as much while washing and drying, protecting your clothes so that they last longer. Not to mention, they can make clothes smell nice!

However, when you are looking for a hypoallergenic fabric softener, you need to keep a few different things in mind. Here are my favorite fabric softeners.

Tip! If you are on a septic tank, it is advised that you do NOT use a traditional fabric softener as the waxes will collect at the top of the tank and prevent bacteria from performing it’s job. White vinegar is the safest option to use if you are on a septic tank.

White Vinegar 

Let me begin with no, it will not make your clothes or washing machine stink! 

White vinegar has been the game changer in my laundry routine. The vinegar acts as a fabric softener AND keeps my machine smelling fresh. I’ve been using pure white vinegar for years and find that my clothes are soft, not itchy, and still smell clean like the soap I use.

Conventional fabric softeners contain things like wax to smooth down fabrics which build up over time. That makes your clothes harder to get really clean as they are covered in buildup! 

White vinegar doesn’t do that. It helps to prevent static in the dryer, keeping your clothes free of wrinkles and static. It also is a fantastic way of freshening up your clothes, preventing them from smelling.

Vinegar will not coat your clothing in any waxes or fragrances, making it my top pick for a hypoallergenic fabric softener!

To use: Add ¼ cup white vinegar where you place your fabric softener. Wash and enjoy! 

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets perform many of the same effects in your laundry routine as a fabric softener. If you use a fabric softener, you may not need to even use dryer sheets! And to flip it, if you don’t use fabric softener, you may want to add dryer sheets to your routine.

The downside of dryer sheets is that they can coat the clothing and your dryer with softening agents. Not to mention they can clog the dryer filter more quickly.

An alternative is to use a dryer ball.

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Gentle 

Bounce Unscented dryer sheets are free from almost all allergies. They are top 14 free. They do contain polyethylene which is a common plastic resin that can be made from corn. Not recommended for babies and teens. Safe for adults. 

Wool Dryer Balls

Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these wool dryer balls are super friendly for your skin and the environment! They help to reduce drying time (saving you money) and each ball can be used up to 1,000 times, making this an all natural and long lasting product.

Top 14 free, safe for baby, kid, and adult clothing.

They are made with wool, so if you are allergic to wool I don’t recommend using them.

Stain Removal

Ecover Zero Non Chlorine Bleach Alternative

When you can’t use bleach due to having a septic tanks (or other reasons like asthma) this is my go-to! It’s free from all top 14 allergens including corn and coconut. Safe for use in laundry for babies, kids, teens, and adults. 

Molly’s Suds Natural Oxygen Whitener

Made from plant derived ingredients, this is an all natural bleach alternative that is super allergy friendly!

White Vinegar

Just as with fabric softener, you can use white vinegar to help remove stains in your clothing. This is my favorite method for removing stains in clothing and laundry. 

I love when you share my recipes!

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    1. I haven’t found one either … yet. However! You can take pure castille soap (I love the olive oil one from Penn’s Hill) and dilute it 1 part soap with 10 parts distilled water. That is a great cleanser for dish washing! I’ll keep a look out and contacting companies asking for coconut free products.

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