Graduation Party Recipes – Gluten Free + Vegan

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Planning a graduation party this year? I’ve got you covered for recipes! Here are some of my favorite gluten free + vegan so that everyone can enjoy the party! 

No matter if you are planning a small gathering of your close friends and family or a large party to celebrate, these easy to make recipes are perfect for your party! Here are some of the best appetizers and snacks, side dishes, entrees, and desserts to help you plan the best graduation party ever. 

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Appetizers + Snacks 

There is something so fun about appetizers at parties. Maybe it’s just because I love bite sized snacks? These are great because there are options for everyone, gluten free, vegan, and other food allergies are all included. 

Fruit Dip 

3 ingredients for a delicious and vegan friendly dip! 

close up of 3 ingredient fruit dip surrounded by fruit on a white marble top // livingbeyondallergies.com
3 Ingredient Fruit Dip
Fruit Dip is an easy 3 ingredient recipe that everyone loves! Great for parties, appetizers, holidays, snack time, or anytime! Vegan friendly.
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Gluten Free Mozzarella sticks

These are always a crowd pleaser and a must have appetizer for any party! Make them a few days before the party so that the morning of, you just have to pop them in the oven and serve after a few minutes of baking. 

plate of glutenfree mozzarella sticks // livingbeyondallergies.com
Crispy Gluten Free Mozzarella Sticks
Gooey and crispy gluten free mozzarella sticks that are baked in the oven to a golden perfection. Perfect snack for after school or game day!
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Gluten Free Cheese bread 

This herbed gluten free focaccia inspired bread is such a delicious appetizer! Spiced with herbs, you can make it dairy free by omitting the cheese on top. Or, add more cheese if you like! 

gluten free focaccia bread // livingbeyondallergies.com
Gluten Free Focaccia Bread
The gluten free focaccia of your dreams! Chewy, soft, perfectly spiced, and you can’t tell its gluten free! Made with grocery store ingredients.
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Chex Mix 

No party is complete without this appetizer! I make a huge batch of this for my family gatherings and it is always one of the first things to be eaten. 

bowl of gluten free Chex mix seen from above on a wood table
Easy Gluten-Free Chex Mix
Game day snacking just got a whole lot tastier! This gluten free chex mix is packed with spicy ranch seasonings and filled with gluten free and nut free goodness.
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Trail Mix 

While not a traditional appetizer, I think seeing a big bowl of this on the table at a party is such a fun treat, especially with tiny chocolates! 

up close of nut free trail mix so you can see all the ingredients
Nut Free Trail Mix
This nut free trail mix is a must have for snack time, road trips, camping, and more! Gluten free + vegan friendly depending on how you mix it up! Lots of suggestions inside.
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Deviled Eggs 

Such a classic appetizer, this one gets a twist with the addition of avocados! Making them almost like a guacamole egg, this is a unique appetizer that guests will love. 

small plate filled with deviled eggs without mustard
Deviled Eggs without Mustard
A quick and delicious deviled egg recipe without mustard! They are simple to make and taste amazing. Perfect for parties, gatherings, or anytime you want an appetizer!
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Strawberry lemon ginger fizz

A fun and sparkling drink that is alcohol free! Add ice cream scoops to it for a dessert or keep it simple and refreshing for those hot outdoor parties. 

strawberry lemon ginger fizz with ice cream // livingbeyondallergies.com
Strawberry Lemon Ginger Fizz
This strawberry lemon ginger fizz is the perfect mocktail or cocktail for summer! Made with 3 simple ingredients you will love this light and refreshing drink, and kids love it, too!
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Side Dishes 

They may be called side dishes but these recipes are nothing less than center stage worthy! From baked beans to summer salads, these recipes are always requested at parties and I know they’ll be a winner for you.

Baked Beans 

Brown sugar baked beans that can be made on the stove top or in a slow cooker. No matter which way you make them, they are sure to be enjoyed! Can be made vegetarian or with bacon depending on what you need. These are so good with any and all summer BBQs. 

brown sugar baked beans in a small bowl with sauce dripping down the side
Easy Baked Beans
Quick + easy brown sugar baked beans that you make on the stove top or in a slow cooker! Full of flavor and so adaptable, this is the ultimate summer side dish.
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Summer Street Corn 

Inspired by Mexican street corn, this easy to mix up summer street corn salad is one of my favorite go-tos for summer parties! Filled with fresh summer veggies and a perfect cool dressing, your guests will love this. 

summer street corn salad is in a large round white bowl on top of a wood cutting board with different ingredients surrounding it like tomatoes, onion, and cilantro
Summer Street Corn Salad
Delicious summer street corn salad with avocado is perfect for summer when the corn is sweet! Easy to make and top 14 allergy free.
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Cucumber Feta Salad

If refreshing salads are what you are after, look no further than this cucumber feta salad! All the cool and refreshing veggies of summer in a lemon vinaigrette that is the perfect compliment to any summer meal. 

cucumber salad in a blue and white bowl with ingredients surrounding it and a fork in the bowl
Easy + Quick Cucumber Salad
Refreshing cucumber salad made with fresh herbs and a lemon vinaigrette dressing is the perfect side dish to any meal! Just 7 simple ingredients for an easy + tasty dish.
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Greek Pasta Salad

A delicious and easy Greek pasta salad! It requires almost no cooking and comes together so quickly. It’s a classic at a potluck for a reason. 

up close gluten free greek pasta salad in a bowl
Greek Pasta Salad – Gluten Free + Vegan friendly
This creamy and delicious greek pasta salad is one of my go-to summer salad recipes! It comes together quickly, is basically no cooking required, and packs perfectly for picnics, potlucks, or road trips.
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Lemon Pasta Salad 

Gluten free and vegan lemon pasta salad is a winner! This salad is quick to make with only boiling the noodles, chopping the veggies, and mixing up a delicious and refreshing lemon dressing. 

up close bowl of lemon pasta salad
Easy Pasta Salad (gluten free + vegan)
This easy pasta salad recipe is so quick to make, filled with fresh veggies and a lemon vinaigrette! Gluten free, vegan, and top 8 allergy free. Summer favorite!
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A main meal dish that can feed a crowd! Here are ideas for a large or small gathering, all of them delicious!

Chicken Salad Sandwiches 

I love having small sandwiches that people can enjoy while mingling at parties. This chicken salad sandwich uses fennel in place of celery to give it a unique twist! 

two chicken salad sandwiches with lettuce on brown parchment paper
Easy Chicken Salad without Celery
Healthy and delicious chicken salad without celery. Quick to make and full of flavor.
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Gluten Free Pizza 

Who doesn’t love pizza at a party? This gluten free pizza is a perfect meal for smaller gatherings where everyone can pick their toppings. 

gluten free pizza with slice cut out
Gluten Free Pizza Crust
The perfect gluten free pizza crust that is chewy, crispy, and is my go-to pizza crust every week! Simple ingredients that come together in a few minutes. Top 8 allergy variations included!
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Black Bean Burgers 

Burgers and summer parties are a perfect pairing. These black bean burgers are gluten free and vegan, and made with only a few kitchen pantry staples. Make them as spicy as you like! 

vegan black bean burger on a bun with many toppings is on a white plate with French fries and a glass of soda
Vegan Black Bean Burger
Simple & Delicious, this is the only recipe you need! Easy ingredients and max flavor. Vegan, gluten free, top 14 allergy free recipe.
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Having a big dessert table or just a few things set out for a smaller gathering, no matter what kind of party you are hosting, everyone will love these summer time desserts. 

Chocolate Chip cookies 

A classic! These chocolate chip cookies are perfect for kids and adults to snack on or enjoy for dessert. 

close up of vegan chocolate chip cookies seen overhead with chopped chocolate on the side
Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vegan chocolate chip cookies that are crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle, with sea salt on top that elevates this cookie from good to divine.
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Peach cupcakes 

The best of a peach cobbler in a fun cupcake! Cool and creamy cream cheese frosting on top of a cupcake filled with peaches. It is the perfect summer dessert. 

peach cobbler cupcakes are shown on the kitchen countertop surrounded by cut open peaches and peach slices
Peach Cobbler Cupcakes
These gluten free peach cobbler cupcakes are out of this world delicious! Sweet vanilla cupcakes are stuffed with a peach pie filling and are topped off with a cool and creamy cream cheese frosting.
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S’mores cupcakes 

When I think of summer I think of s’mores. These are sure to be a hit at your graduation party, especially if you have a backyard fire! 

unwrapped s'mores cupcake in a scene with more cupcakes and marshmallows and chocolate
S’mores Cupcakes
These s’mores cupcakes are delicious! Moist chocolate cupcakes with a graham cracker base, cool marshmallow frosting, & more on top! All gluten free + vegan. 
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Gluten Free Chocolate Sheet Cake 

When you need to feed a crowd at your graduation party, this cake is one of my go-to recipes! It tastes just like a classic bakery style cake, but in a gluten free variety. Plus, it makes delicious cupcakes. 

slice of gluten free chocolate sheet cake on a white plate
Gluten Free Chocolate Sheet Cake
Easy gluten free chocolate sheet cake that is rich, fudgy, and perfectly chocolatey! Make it dairy free with one simple swap. Perfect for parties.
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Chocolate cake pops 

For a fun twist, why not take some cake and turn it into easy chocolate cake pops! This recipe is a lot easier to make than you may think. Make them the day before and chill them overnight so your guests can have a cool treat. 

3 gluten free chocolate cake pops are shown up close on sticks in front of a black background. the middle cake pop has a bite taken out of it to show off the chocolate cake on the inside
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Pops
Easy homemade cake pops covered in a delicious chocolate coating that are gluten free and vegan! Perfect bite sized cake for any occasion!
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Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream 

Is there anything better than ice cream? How about a gluten free cookie dough ice cream!? So easy to make and filled with tiny gluten free cookie dough balls, everyone will love this to celebrate.

gluten free cookie dough ice cream scoops in a white bowl with a spoon // livingbeyondallergies.com
Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Easy and delicious gluten free cookie dough ice cream recipe made with only a few simple ingredients! Creamy vanilla ice cream mixed with DIY gluten free cookie dough is a great summer treat!
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I love when you share my recipes!

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